We are very grateful to our past and present Members from of the UK’s legal community who have helped make the Schools Law Web such a success:

The Law Society of Scotland

A C O’Neill, Solicitors
AES Winterbothams
Aberdein Considine & Co.
Adams Whyte
Alex Mitchell & Sons
Alexander George & Co.
Allan Janes Solicitors
Allen Peters & Co.
Ampersand Stable
Anderson Shaw & Gilbert
Anderson Strathern
Anderson, MacArthur & Co.
Arbuthnott & McClanachan

Balfour & Manson
Bannerman & Burke Solicitors
Banski & Co.
Barclay & Co.
Baxter Brown McArthur
Beltrami Berlow
Beveridge & Kellas
Beveridge Philp & Ross
Biggart Baillie LLP
Birkett Long Solicitors
BKS Solicitors
Blackadders Solicitors
Blackwood & Smith
Blair & Bryden
Blair Cadell
Bonnar & Company
Boyd Napier
Boyd Solicitors
Boyles Solicitors
Brooke & Brown W.S.
Bryan & Armstrong
Bryan Keenan & Co.
Burnett & Reid

Cairns Brown
Campus Solicitors
Canter Levin & Berg
Cartridges Solicitors
Caesar & Howie
Clark & Wallace
Compass Chambers
Corries Solicitors
Cullen Kilshaw

D M McKinnon
David Gray Solicitors
Davidson Chalmers
De Groot Gill & Co.
Doyle & Co.
Drummond Miller
DTM Legal
Duncan Henderson
Dundas & Wilson
Dunipace Brown

Faulds Gibson
Ferguson MacSween Stewart

Gebbie Wilson
Geo & Jas Oliver, WS
George S Lockhart
Gillespie Gifford & Brown
Glasgow Law Practice
Good & Stewart
Goodman Derrick LLP
Govan Law Centre
Graham & Finlayson
Grant Smith Law Practice
Gray & Connochie
Gray Muirhead
Grigor & Young
Gwynnes Solicitors

Harper Macleod
Hayes & Storr
Henderson & Mackay
Henderson Boyd Jackson
Hill Dickinson
Hodders Law
Hooper & Wollen
Hopkins Solicitors
Hosack & Sutherland

Iain Smith & Co.
Innes & MacKay
Innes Johnston & Co.
Inverness Legal Services

Jackson & Co.
James & George Collie
James Stewart & Co.
Jameson & Mackay
Jas. Campbell & Co.
John Jackson & Dick
John MacRitchie & Co.

Keegan Walker & Co.
Kellas Partnership, The
Kenneth M Greener Solicitors
Kinnear & Falconer
Kippen Campbell WS
Kirkland & Lane

Lavery, Smith & Co.
Ledingham Chalmers
Leslie Wolfson
Levy & McRae
Liddle & Anderson
Lindleys Solicitors
Lindsay Duncan & Black
Lints Partnership, The
Lowless& Lowless Solicitors
Lunny & Co.

M G Sykes & Co.
Macarthur Stewart
Macdonald Henderson
Mackenzie & Cormack
Mackenzie & Grant
Mackintosh & Wylie
Maclay Murray & Spens
Macleod & MacCallum
MacPhee & Partners
MacRae Stephen & Co.
Major Family Law
Maloco & Associates
Martin Johnston & Socha
Mathie Lennox
McCartney Stewart
McCash & Hunter
McClure & Partners
McClure Collins
McIntyre & Co.
McKay Norwell WS
McKinnon Forbes
McKinstry Company, The
McMillan Kilpatrick
Miller Hendry
MK Solicitors
Morgans Solicitors
Morton Fraser
Mowll & Mowll Solicitors
Murdoch McMath & Mitchell
Murphy Maclean Management
Murray Beith Murray
Murray Gillies & Wilson
Murray Ireland & Co.
Murray, Hamilton & Chalmers
Murray Roach Solicitors
Murrays WS

Net Solicitors
Nicol Harvey & Pierce
Noble Solicitors

Oliver & Co.

Pagan Osborne
Patricia Quigley
Patten & Prentice
Paull & Williamsons
Peace Farnell Solicitors
Peddie, Smith & Maloco.
Peterkin & Kidd
Peters & Company
Pollock & McLean
Premier Legal LLP
Primrose & Gordon
PSM Law Group

Raeburn Christie
Reynolds Parry Jones
Ross Strachan
Rubens Solicitors
Russel & Aitken
Russell & Russell
Russell-Cooke Solicitors

Scannells Hunt LLP
Scott Alexander Solicitors
Shepherd & Wedderburn
Smith & Grant
Sneddon Morrison
Somerville & Russell
Standard Life
Steven Quither & Co.
Stevenson & Marshall
Stewart & Bennett
Stewart & Watson
Storrar Cowdry
Stirling Eunson & Ferguson

T Duncan & Co.
T V Edwards LLP
Taylor & Henderson
Taits W.S.
Taylor Bruce & Co.
The Lints Partnership
The Property Shop, Aberdeen
Tho & J W Barty
Tods Murray WS
Trinity Advocates
Turcan Connell


Walker Smith Way
Walter Gerrard & Co.
Warcup Skene Solicitors
Wards Solicitors
WBW Solicitors
Whelan & Co.
Wilson & Jarvis
Wink & Mackenzie
Winterbotham Smith Penley
Wollen & Michelmore
Wright & Crawford

Yates & Co Solicitors