The Citizen 156:

Using modern technology to defeat criminals

 Instructions:  watch the video twice and then answer the questions in your exercise book


  1. The video gives 5 simple tips on how to protect mobile phones, tablets and laptops. How many of them can you list?

  2. In the reconstruction, what had been stolen?

  3. The police have a description of someone they want to trace.  There are five parts to the description.  How many can you remember?

  4. The stolen phone was fitted with a KCGINRAT   VIDEEC.  Unscramble the mixed-up words.

  5. Where does the police officer locate the stolen phone?

  6. When the policeman checks the IMEI number on the phone he says he is not intruding on the young man’s ________. What word is missing?

  7. The police officer tells the suspect he is going to arrest him for theft.
    There is an error in the above sentence.  Can you spot it?

  8. The police officer says a t_______g application should be s________  o_  a_  a__  t_____.  Complete the sentence.

  9. How would you describe the manner the police officer adopts towards the suspect? (e.g. friendly, bullying, etc.)

  10. Police officers need to complete a detailed report every time they arrest a suspect. Suggest a reason why they must do so.