School Visits

Our classroom visits allow young people to meet and talk to a lawyer, often for the first time.

The programme features lawyers with great experience through to individuals newly embarking on their legal career.

The aim of the visits is not to provide a high-powered legal expert who can answer any question.  Nor do we aim to persuade young people to pursue a career in the law - the profession already attracts many of the UK’s most talented youngsters.

Instead, the visits give pupils an insight into the varied work lawyers undertake and the vital role the law plays in the community.

At the same time, common stereotypes about lawyers are challenged, and some of our participants can help youngsters from less privileged schools understand that people from their own background can succeed within the legal community.

A typical visit involves a short introduction followed by a Question & Answer session.  They are held in both primary and secondary schools across the UK.

If you would like further information on how your firm or school can participate, please contact our Director, Patrick Gaffney at