Our regular news lessons are free to all schools in the UK.  They comprise quiz-based exercises for secondary pupils.  (Primary versions are also available.) 

The lessons are ready-to-go and prompted by stories from the UK media.  All are designed for display on a whiteboard and many can be printed as A4 worksheets.

Scroll down for recent examples for use with classes.

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Paris attack prompts debate on new laws

Click Citizen 157 to open an exercise prompted by the recent terrorist attack on Paris. The lesson covers the debate over calls for new laws to allow the police and security services to monitor mobile phone conversations and internet browsing.

CITIZENblock 156 . .policesuspectvid130x100

Using technology to defeat criminals

Click here to open a police video on how young people can protect their mobile phones, tablets, etc. After watching the video, students answer 10 questions on the advice it contained.

CITIZENblock 155 . . childsoliderleft125x

Child soldiers remain a huge problem

Click Citizen 155 to open an exercise on child soldiers. This was prompted by the conviction in March 2014 of a warlord at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

CITIZENblock 154 . . lawalphsquare170x

Law & Order Alphabet

Click here to open an Alphabet Quiz that covers a wide range of legal issues in a manner pupils enjoy. This A4 page can be viewed on a whiteboard or printed off.